DeepFake Queen Elizabeth II's 2020 Royal Christmas Message

DeepFake Queen Image Source: Channel 4

Every year on Christmas Day the Queen traditionally delivers a recorded message which is broadcast on the BBC and other broadcasters, talking about the events of the previous year.

Since 1993, Channel 4 have been broadcasting their own alternative Christmas message at the same time as the Royal one. This has been presented by a variety of figures from a survivor of 9/11, former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, Sacha Baron Cohen as Ali G, Marge Simpson and Edward Snowden.

This year, the message will be presented by ‘the Queen’ - in reality a Deep Faked recreation of the Queen with her voice provided by comedian and impressionist Debra Stephenson. The theme of the message will be ‘fake news’ and the dangers of media manipulation.

A spokesperson for Channel 4 insisted the skit holds an “important and timely message”.

They told “It is very clear in the four-minute film that this is a parody of the Christmas Day address and viewers will be left in no doubt that it is not real.

“However, while the film is light hearted, affectionate and comedic in tone, it carries a very important and timely message about trust and the ease with which convincing misinformation can be created and spread.

“This is part of a series of programmes examining the spread of misinformation and a Dispatches documentary, Deepfakes: Can You Believe Your Eyes, will further explore the emergence of deepfake technology on 28th December on Channel 4.”

Deep Fakes: Can you trust your eyes?
Deep Fakes: Can you trust your eyes?

Dispatches investigates the world of internet deepfakes and their effect on the lives of people as well as whole nations - from embarrassing famous figures to influencing elections.

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